Getting Started

No 3D? No Problem!
Play 3D movies, games, satellite/cable, and internet videos
on any HDTV/Projector/Dual Projector or Monitor!

3Dfury allows you to view 3D content from your PS3, Blu-ray player, satellite/cable or internet on all standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz HD displays with either Digital or Analog inputs or both at the same time !

If your HDTV or projector can play regular non-3D games and Blu-ray movies then the 3Dfury will work for you! It turns your existing HDTV or projector into a 3D home theater!

If your HDTV or projector cannot play HDMI content because it lacks of a HDMI input, 3Dfury can still turn it into a 3D home theater, thanx to embedded HDMI converter based on HDfury technology.

Upgrade to 3D and HDMI at a fraction of the cost of buying a new display!

The 3Dfury supports every 3D signal type in existence today including frame-packing, side-by-side, top-bottom. It is firmware updatable so that new features can be added in the future as needed!

Start watching Blu-ray movies like Tron: Legacy 3D and Despicable Me 3D as well as sports and movies on ESPN 3D and SKY 3D and see what you’ve been missing!

In addition to supporting all standard 50/60Hz displays in either analog or digital (HDMI, DVI-D, RGBHV, component), the 3Dfury also supports any 100/120hz 3D Ready DLP-Link projector by brands like Optoma, Benq, Viewsonic, etc.

How difficult is it to set up?

A few dip switchs on the 3Dfury must be set once depending on whether your TV is a 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz model or if it takes Digital DVI-D/HDMI or either RGBHV or component as input. No other setup is required.
F3Dfury is 100% plug-n-play with automatic recognition of 3D mode*

2D video just passes through the 3Dfury without any modifications (except for advanced double/triple frame mode). Just connect the 3Dfury between the source and the TV/projector. That’s it!

PS3 users need to make sure to have the latest firmware installed and go to Settings -> Display settings -> Video Output and select “automatic” so that 3D output is enabled. After that you just launch the game and that’s it – 3Dfury will take care of rest.

* Some sources may not cause the 3Dfury to autoswitch to the right 3D mode as the information is missing. In this case you can force 3Dfury to the right 3D mode.

Which projectors and TVs are supported?

Any standard 50/60Hz or 100/120Hz displays will work with 3Dfury.
3Dfury is the world first solution that work with either Digital (DVI-D/HDMI) or Analog (RGBHV/component) displays as well as ultimate Dual Projectors setup !

Which 3D glasses are right for me?

Passive glasses are only suitable for Dual projectors setup. For any others setup, Active Shutter glasses are requiered.
We recommend the Radio Frequency (RF) Active Shutter glasses as they are universal and work with all display types.
If you have a DLP HDTV/projector that supports 100Hz or 120Hz, the DLP-Link Active Shutter glasses can also be used.
All glasses work with 3Dfury (However they must be carefully selected for your display)

Detailed information:

  • OK: DLP-Link Active Shutter glasses: For use with 100/120Hz DLP HDTVs/projectors only. They do not work with standard 50/60Hz HDTVs/projectors or non DLP displays. No emitter is required. The glasses link to the DLP projector without any sort of special emitter or 3rd party transmission device. Not adjustable/configurable. Note that DLP Link glasses only work with DLP displays so if you upgrade or change your display to a non-DLP model, these glasses will no longer work. For this reason we recommend RF glasses.
  • NOT RECOMMENDED: Infrared (IR) Active Shutter glasses: For use with all HDTVs/projectors (50/60Hz or 120Hz).
    One emitter is required and can control multiple IR glasses. Infrared is directional and is therefore affected by line-of-sight interference (the IR glasses must at all times be able to ‘see’ the emitter). Standing up, turning your head, or just leaning forward to pick up your drink is often enough to cause the IR sync to be lost. Infrared can also be affected by IR remote controls, florescent lights and sunlight. We do not recommend IR glasses in most situations for these reasons.
  • BEST: Radio Frequency (RF) Active Shutter glasses: For use with all HDTVs/projectors (50/60Hz or 100/120Hz). One RF emitter is required and can control multiple RF glasses. Unlike IR glasses they are completely immune to interference. These are universal glasses that work on any manufacturer’s 3D TV as well as our 3D converters. We highly recommend that these glasses be used regardless of the type of TV or converter you purchase. They are completely adjustable/configurable. To ensure highest possible compatibility please look for glasses with adjustable delay, offset, duty_cycle and sync inverter. Our 3D glasses offer all possible configurations including presets directly on the Glasses themself so you can tune them up perfectly without having to stand up from the couch. We designed and offer the worldwide first glasses that can operate from 60 to 144hz.