Infitec GmbH is a German company that specializes in 3-dimensional technology. It owns a technique for channel separation in stereo projection based on interference filters (Interference filter technologie). Images for the left and right eye with basic colors are projected at different wavelengths (so-called wavelength multiplexing), for example:

  • Left eye: Red 629nm, Green 532nm, Blue 446nm
  • Right eye: Red 615nm, Green 518nm, Blue 432nm

The channel separation of the projected images is done with a pair of glasses that have selective interference filters for each eye at the appropriate wavelength.


Infitec's 3-D technology was designed by Daimler Chrysler for virtual reality in automotive design uses. Under the project title "wavelength multiplex visualization system" to investigate a new approach of improving image quality and to enhance functionality in Virtual Reality systems.

In July 2006, Infitec teamed up with Dolby Laboratories, Inc. to develop Dolby 3D for 3-D cinemas.

In January 2009, Infitec founded a new company for her new technology Infitec Dualcolor3D.